Stop swiping fingers, Scrolling computer mice and wandering eyes! We make sure your ads are placed on the platforms and screens your customers are looking at.  With content tailored to your platform and your product we create engaging online campaigns. 

Ads Management By New Age Media


New Age Media is a trusted long term online marketing partner established in 2019. We have always been at the bleeding edge of digital advertisement progress.  We have a deep understanding of the algorithms and dashboards of all popular online advertising merchants. We can manage your online campaigns on platforms like; TikTok, Google, META (Facebook), Instagram, and Pinterest. Furthermore we will manage and or create all necessary creatives that perform best on their respective platforms. 

Your business should be omnipresent on all platforms and we relieve the management workload of this challenge. Being sure to adhere to possible brand guideline, sales regions and marketing objectives. Let’s open the conversation!

Honest, Reliable and Effective

With IOS updates and Regulation changes comes a different ads landscape. We drastically changed our approach to managing Paid Online Advertisements for clients.

Not all brands and products are a fit for all types of advertising. Collectively we will make an assessment to see if your product and service aswell as their online funnel are ready for online ads. And if so, what type of ads would be most effective.  

Your audience is alive and it changes. Your content should aswell! New Age Media only takes on clients that are also interested in production of new creatives and media assets for their brand. Unless the current content catalog is strong enough to create new edits and alter it based on content reception. 

This way we can guarantee good results and are in no risk of jeopardizing our reputation as a reliable online advertising partner! 

How We charge for our service

We understand the frustration of working with high charging digital marketing agencies, charging monthly fees and percentage fees when results might not even allow for the allocation of that budget. 

We charge an up front fee and a fee for content, After that we only charge based upon your ads spend. This means that if the ads perform well and you invest more to increase results we all earn more. In cases where ads are performing well we also offer the option to have our fee calculated based on the total ROAS of our campaigns. 

 In the case that ads underperform and adspend or ROAS drops, so does our comission.

Advantages of New Age Media Ads Management


Increased ReceptionMaximize Influence
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We advise on funnel, media and product optimization to increase the advert reception. We provide regular updates on potential advertising growth and performance.
Generate Visitors & LeadsReach your adudience
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Our ads generate website views and visitors direct from your target audience and with a high intention of purchase.
Increased ConversionConvert Prospects
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With highly detailed targeting and in combination with quality New Age Media content conversion ratio can increase up to 10x.
Clear KPI & TargetsClear Goals for every objective
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New Age Media believes clear targets and KPI's not only give insight into the effectiveness of adverts but also deliver more analytical data to ensure the targeting is optimized on a per business case.
Tailored TargetingMade To Measure Ads
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We take your data on your audience, combine it with our own research and the available data online to formulate a digital target audience per online platform. This way we spent advertising budgets as efficiently as possible.
Maximized TrackingFollow your Client Journey
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We aim to maximize advert tracking using all tools provided by the networks we advertise on. Furthermore, we do not shy away from third party tracking solutions in cases where it provides added value.



Is New Age Media Online Advertising for all companies?

New Age Media can advertise for all niche markets and business sizes if there is a budget present that will allow for tailored content creation and advertising.
New Age Media only works with a full service strategem where we are responsible for the content creation and have the option to advertise on all popular digital advertising platforms.

In order to provide the results we aim to deliver we have to assess every single company we work with for online advertising. If there is a large risk of your product or service not performing within your budget we wil provide you with honest feedback. In order to save your company from losing advertising spend and prevent us from reaching sub par results this might mean we cannot currently work with you.

How do deliverables work?

Deliverables for Advertising works in two ways. We provide your business with the management of digital advertisements and their respective results.
Furtheremore we will provide you with a full license for all the content and it's variations that are created during the campaigns we run together.

With strategic planning this can prove to be a very cost efficient strategy to provide your business with a large amount of content to use for other fields of marketing.

How is my monthly fee calculated?

The monthly fee for managing ads depends on the total amount of adspend under management. It is made up out of a fixed percentage. If you are interested in these percentages we implore you to schedule a call using the form below.


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