Introducing a 150 year old giant to the new age of social media.


You’ve undoubtedly spotted them on the streets – the iconic “poison” green bikes.

With a rich legacy spanning nearly 150 years, Kawasaki boasts an impressive array of products, ranging from cutting-edge aeroplane technology, space crafts, and submarine parts to their most renowned category – motorcycles.

Kawasaki’s motorcycle journey began over six decades ago in 1963, and they’ve since emerged as promi- nent players in the industry, crafting some of the most powerful engines on two wheels. Notably, they con- tinue to hold the record for producing the fastest production motorcycle in the world, the H2R.

Being motorcycle enthusiasts ourselves, we were thrilled to join forces with Kawasaki Motors Europe BV.

Our mission: to expertly translate their brand and curate captivating content tailored to today’s dynamic social media culture in the BeNeLux area.

THE Approach

Collaborating with an industry giant like Kawasaki presented us with intriguing challenges:

Our mission was to strike a delicate balance between honoring the legacy of the Kawasaki brand while infusing it with a modern twist for the world of social media.

Personalizing the content became our priority, steering away from the conventional “commercial” tone and drawing Kawasaki closer to the vibrant “biker community.”

Our strategy was to showcase a diverse array of Kawasaki models, each highlighting their unique strengths to reso- nate with various motorcycle enthusiasts.

Intriguingly, we kept a mysterious allure by featuring someone in the content donning their helmet and average “street” motorcycle gear, allowing anyone to connect with this character, making the content genuinely relatable.

By seamlessly weaving relatable captions, engaging memes, trendy content, and captivating shots of motorcycles, our approach came to life.


Our journey began with careful consideration, settling on four distinctive bikes to showcase Kawasaki’s diverse range:

Z900 – A fan-favorite.

ZH2 – A renowned hyper naked bike, equipped with the impressive supercharged engine.

H2R – The ultimate marvel, known as the world’s fastest production motorcycle, captivating every motorcycle enthusiast.

Z650RS – A modern classic, appealing to a unique target audience, distinct from the sporty models above.

Deep Immersion in the Biker Community
Our team immersed deeply in biker culture, keeping a keen eye on the latest trends, relatable memes, and content types. This allowed us to create content that resonated deeply with the passionate biker audience.

Flexible Shooting Approach
During the shooting process, we adopted a broad approach, allowing us to fluidly adapt to emerging trends and cap- italize on them during the editing process.

Do more of what works
Exploring various formats, we honed in on the ones that resonated best with our audience, while gracefully discard- ing what didn’t.

The result was a transformed social media presence, characterized by a personalized image that modernized Kawasaki’s legacy content. Notably, our efforts outperformed other Kawasaki regions, resonating with motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.

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