How To Plan your Next Content Campaign For Success!

In this article we will show you how you can plan your next content campaign. But first we will introduce the concept of digital content marketing campaigns to you in the following paragraph.

What is an online content campaign?

An online content campaign is a type of marketing campaign that uses modern media devices and places like social media networks in order to reach potential customers through the media they consume. This media is called online media content or content for short. There are multiple forms of content marketing and also definitions for content. The current website text I am writing could also be called content. However, for this article we will focus on the online media content mentioned above.

An online content campaign is great for shocasing your newest products. Furthermore, it can also be used to showcase your brand values and really put your brands’ personality on display.

Companies like RedBull are masters of content marketing. For example take their Instagram account. Where at the time of writing you can see a amazing amount of extreme sports activities that are meticulously filmed. This content grabs your attention and as a client shows you how RedBull is as a brand. Cool, active and energetic.

How do you start with planning your content campaign?

As you probably have seen, a content campaign can be of vital importance for your brands marketing. We will get into how to plan your next content campaign with these first few prerequisites you will need. These prerequisites are threefold, you need; Your campaign Goal, Your companies branding and Sufficient Content for the campaign duration. I will explain these vital points of planning a content campaign below.

How to set Your campaign Goals

When starting to plan a content campaign you will need to decide on the campaign goals. If you are interested in reaching as many customers as possible your strategy will differ from when you are simply trying to convert a small chunk of prospects using your content campaign.

In general we aim to increase reach and engagement with all of our campaigns. This way we can utilize the wide online audience a brand can have as the broad end of our marketing funnel. The information will be more broad and the content will be more appealing to a wide range of prospectives.

If you plan your content campaign for conversion purposes it is vital you provide your already informed prospect with the exact information that they are currently looking to receive. Inform them to assist them to make a purchase decision.

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How to Apply your branding to content

Brand your posts! But how? Make sure you attach personality traits, a person or certain catchphrases to your brand. Afterwards add these same traits and catchphrases to your posts as hashtags and within the content caption if possible. Furthermore, make sure to add these brand assets in the content that the customer is viewing. This might mean an end screen that features a few of your brand assets or a logo in the top left corner of your post design.

When planning a content campaign you should keep in mind that you will need or use a healthy amount of your brand assets. Make sure these are up to date and ready to go before you start with your content strategy.

Lastly, Do not over-brand your content. Especially in certain markets, like the luxury space , it is preferable to be more subtle and nuanced with brand assets. We implore you to have a talk with your branding expert at the start of every content campaign. We make sure to have a thorough chat with the brand manager of every brand we work for. Make sure your online content branding aligns with the companies branding.

How much content do you need?

A question we often recieve from clients when they are planning their own content campaign is:

“How much content do I need for my social media campaign?”

– Clients planning their own content campaign.

The answer to this question is different for every situation. However, it in general comes down to: how often you post and what platform you are using.
To get straight to the point I will provide you with a short over view of posting schedule guidelines for businesses as of september 2022.

  • On Instagram we recommend minimum; 3 Feed posts per week. 1 story post every day and 1 Instagram reel every 2 days.
  • On Facebook we recommend minimum; 1 Feed posts per week (Preferably video) and 1 story every day.
  • On TikTok we recommend minimum; 1 TikTok video every 2 days.
  • On Pinterest we recommend minimum; 1 post per board per week.
  • On youtube we recommend minimum; 1 short every 2 days and 1 long format video post every month.

As you can see. Based on the duration of your campaign the amount of content required to achieve maximum reach adds up fast. However, keep in mind that social media growth can be a long term investment into building an online group of prospects/fans of your business. The larger this audience becomes, the easier it is for your brand to generate a large amount of revenue by serving the community.

If you want an online presence and a company that can create all the content you need. Be sure to check out our social media marketing page, when planning your next content campaign.

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