When is an agency the right choice

As a business owner an often question we hear is: “When is an agency the right choice?”. Agency vs Freelancer vs In-house employee what is the right choice for me? Within this short article I will help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of these three forms of hiring. Also due to the nature of our business and my experience, we will focus mostly on the Marketing sector however this can be applied to other fields aswell.

When is a Freelancer for you?

Freelancers can provide a very affordable means of labor. They often charge very competitive rates and professional freelancers have a high level of skill in their designated area. This might be great if you or your team have a very specific role that is currently missing. If your marketing requires a designer at the start of a new project. A one time investment in a freelance designer might be a great choice! Your company gets the help it needs and it requires no commitment on your part.

Platforms like Fiverr, Temper and Upwork. Make it easy to find the freelancer you require to fill a specific challenge or role. Some of these platforms also provide you with top notch messaging features and quality control assurance.

However, Freelancers might also be a risky bet. Especially if you haven’t worked together before. If you trust your branding to a freelancer you need to be sure they stick to brand guidelines. If the vision does not align you should look elsewhere.

Also we have seen cases where Freelancers working for an hourly rate prolonging their work. This might make their total rate tally up quick. When you or your team does not have experience with the job the freelancer was hired for. It might become hard to control their work.

Lastly, In some regions freelance work may only last for a certain amount of time. Meaning you could get in trouble for hiring a freelancer for multiple years. In the long run, it is almost always more attractive to go for a hired employee when you consistently need a certain role filled.

When is an Employee for you?

If your business regularly or consistently needs a certain role filled. A new hire is almost always the best choice. An employee will provide your business with a certain amount of experience and a skillset. This skillset is often focused on a certain type of job.

Probably the best reason for hiring an employee is because it will provide your business with a person with 100% focus on your business.
They have no other obligations and they should always focus on the challenges your team/business is facing.

However, employees come with obligations. Not only do they require a monthly salary. Often they also need legally obligated benefits and health insurance.
The total costs are generally higher than an agency or a freelancer. Also, due to the nature of modern careers they hire will most often be focused on specific niche skills. This might mean to fulfill your business needs, you would need multiple hires or a collection of employees and freelancers.

See your local government website or talk to a local authority on the subject to make sure you are well informed. Examples of trustworthy websites are:
Dutch Government website, US Government website and UK Government website.

When is an agency the right choice?

So, when is an agency the right choice? You might ask. We have just discussed the advantages and shortcomings of Freelancers and hiring employees.
Just like those options, an agency like New Age Media, has a certain set of advantages over the other options. Ofcourse, I will also go into the disadvantages of hiring an agency.

First of all, Agencies often provide a large amount of services within their Niche. Where a Freelancer or an employee might focus on a single skill, an agency will have either a collection of employees or a broad network of trusted freelancers ready to tackle larger full scale projects.

When you are looking to replace a team, or temporarily need a large amount of jobs done an agency often has experience with those situations.
They provide your business with a team that is used to working together, matching their collective work to a third party brand and often have a broad range of experience.

An agency will focus on a certain broad niche and mostly provide all services required for your business to perform well within that area. A web agency will provide you with all services to strive on the internet. A Digital Marketing agency like ours, will provide your business with management, strategy and content creation in order to reach more customers online.

What can be disadvantages of an agency? Simple. The broad range of services and experiences often command higher rates. Even though agencies will mostly be a good chunk of change cheaper than an in house team accomplishing the same. When hired for a very specific role, they will often charge higher rates than a freelancer. This means that when you only incidentally need a very specific service it is generally recommended to reach out to a freelancer that fits that role.

So, An agency is the right choice when your company requires a broad range of skillsets for a medium to long term. This can be the launch of a new product, a large scale campaign or even the rebranding of your business.


For long term commitment hire! Have a specific need and a lower budget, seek out a freelancer! Do you require a strong team for your online marketing? Take a look at New Age Media and it’s services! Thank you for reading.

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